Do any other companies provide similar services?

Another company that allows you to buy tomorrow's gas at today's price is MyGallons, though we differ from them in several noticeable ways:

  1. At TankWallet, we allow our customers to lock in gas prices at their preferred gas stations. With MyGallons you can only lock in the average wholesale gas price across the state. But what happens if there’s a price increase at your local gas station, without a corresponding wholesale increase? TankWallet protects you by ensuring that you are reimbursed for the exact price you pay at the pump.
  2. MyGallons requires a $30 annual membership fee to get started. There is absolutely no upfront fee to use TankWallet.
  3. MyGallons charges a 6% processing fee for locking in gas prices. TankWallet only charges about 1%, and it’s already included in the price you see.
  4. MyGallons charges another $0.06 per gallon to cash out. At TankWallet, cash out is always completely free.

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