How do I use my locked in price?

TankWallet works by reimbursing you for the FULL amount that you pay at the gas station.*

To use your locked in gas price, just

  1. Fill up and pay as you normally would.
  2. Go to the “Reimburse” page in the TankWallet app.
  3. Find your gas station and hit the green “Reimburse” button.
  4. Enter the number of gallons purchased at the pump. **
  5. Receive the reimbursement in your Cash Balance*** instantly.

* TankWallet does not work directly with any gas station. You must still pay at the gas station as usual. TankWallet will reimburse you for amount you pay at the gas station, up to the total locked in gallons amount.

** Because TankWallet tracks live pump prices, we always know how much to reimburse you. Simply enter the gallon amount. You don’t even have to submit a receipt.

*** Keep the cash balance for a future lock in purchase, or cash out. It’s your choice.

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