The price at my gas station is different from the reimbursement price shown in the app.

Our goal is always to reimburse you for what you pay at the pump. If you think our price isn’t in sync with the pump price, simply grab the receipt after you fill up. You can choose to be reimbursed based on the per gallon price shown on your receipt*. Here’s how:

  • Go to the “Reimburse” Tab, and find the gas station you filled up at.
  • Tap the green “Reimburse” button.
  • Tap the “Info” icon next to the pump price.
  • Tap “Use a receipt” on the pop up.
  • Take a photo of the receipt and submit.

We will review your receipt and process the reimbursement within two business days. Upon approval, you will receive a push notification and an email. The dollar amount will be added to your account’s Cash Balance just like other reimbursements.

* You must submit your receipt within 24 hours of your fill up.

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